Saint Jude

by Ashleigh Southam

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released April 4, 2009

Ashleigh Southam - Vocals, Guitars, Keys
Kurt Preston - Bass on tracks 1,2,4 & 8
Jon Coursey - Drums on tracks 1,2,4 & 8
Suzanne Calvi - Bass on tracks 3, 5 & 7
Chris Spark - Drums on tracks 3,5 & 7




Ashleigh Southam Melbourne, Australia

I am a Melbourne based composer, instrumentalist and vocalist. My influences range from Nina Simone, Mahler, Rufus Wainright and Miles Davis. My music is best described as lyrical and romantic. I use classical instrumentation, jazz improvisation, music theatre forms and an indie rock rhythm section. I gig around Melbourne solo or with larger ensembles ... more

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Track Name: Epic
Like a flag in the wind
Like a heart on a string
I am drawn to this feeling
The ragmans revenge
In a hundred years
We'll be dead

What can I do
I've got ten more days counting butterfly breaths
What can I say
to your face
when your ceiling of faith is a lie

I am measuring
the deepening
in your closed system
you cling to it
with finger tips
take a rose in your teeth
and love

What can I do
I've got ten more days counting butterfly breaths
What can I say
to your face
when your ceiling of faith is a lie
Let everything you do
throw it from the arms of safety
if it happens
let it happen to me
Track Name: Dove
You say sing with your heart
It's fine if its pure like you are
This confess
there's no control
of this sweet mystery
Like a thorn in the side of me
Your the bind
Your the Dove

I don't wanna another place to start
I got so far with you
I don't wanna be the danish prince
Who cannot rule
His foolish heart

Such a pretty thing I found
I should've followed you down

Now this string cut on our tin can
we grow up
The wispher breaks the seal
The memory glove stays on these hours of
love on the wrist

Such a pretty thing I found
I should've followed you down
Such a fool with his crown
It's all over now

When will you weep for me
Sweet willow
Track Name: Body
Bless the actress
Bless her myth
Her eyes are locked like this
on the bravest sado-masochist
There is no silent witness
Shame takes it shape
and runs in my veins

Your mouth
Your hair
I turn my face
I know I come and take too much
I promised you I would tame this
but I am sick

Wash your sin from this
poison bitten lips
Can't keep my eyes off her pockets
and her lips of the pistol
This trapeze man falls
lands on the trail

Your mouth
Your taste
I turn my face
I know I come and take too much
I promised you I would tame this
but I am sick

What will you say
if you see my face
This guilt we share
but deceit
my own
Track Name: Phantom
This proud dream of
the horizon ballet
oh its a horse that fades
with its newness gone and its startling hardness
your face ends the dream
Look into the eyes of the beast
he say,
Come on

This phantom wound fades
I hear you say
This fairy tale ends
Let it happen

The king of mice says
“I'm just a wound in your side”
so he pulls at the sky
To hide this foolish
twice failing charade
Look into the eyes of the beast he says,
Come on

This Phantom wound fades
I hear you say
This fairy tale ends
Let it happen
Track Name: Night Flight
Kid comes in like a hurricane
doesn't say excuse me
just puts a cape on her shoulder says “come with me”

In this sweet hour my heart is child
Under her clothes his cruel truth smiles
Good demon on my shoulder says “come with me”

Are we singing yet? Cos I don't wanna come back down again
This nights for the ghosts that will never catch me

Let me down, starving for the sound
of the silent rose
that blooms on your lips

If you fall on this spear

All drunk with a girl at his feet
Or sober with a belly of fear
On his mirror her lip stick good bye says “you ran from me”

Are we sinning yet? Cos I'm never coming down again
Track Name: Avalanche
Your palm says
this avalanche of calm
will unravel my heart
you find it healed
but scared
Your palm says
your plan to be led will come true
with his fat cheek
and his weak chin
He's strong when your under him

Eating, Working, Dreaming
Loving to be someone

Poor fuck in a rich man's shows
I'll do this dance with you
oh but I don't fit
This poison blood runs too thick
No one who could ever write in peace
In this lonely millionaires club dream
Wake me when I'm done

With this thieves eyes
I stole a look at the crooked boy of time
he said “The good are not yet born,
but there's hope, so hold on”

Eating ,Working, Dreaming
Loving to be someone

I wore my eyes out on you
I lost my pride for you
Oh but I was just a dreamer
The reality of your flesh catches hard
The bull hits the matador
This great imitator
My words betray this thing
My shadow the only original thing
Wake me when I'm done

What a wonderful thing it is
To be the one to blame
Eating, Working, Dreaming.
Track Name: Anniversary Suit
Hope dancing in a cheap ignorant annniversary suit
I don't regret any fantasy I ever had about you and me
Do I still move you? does it thrill you to know
about my little life?
so loyal and so quiet

A paranoid bubble floats out of the hugeness of the system
pops on my head and tells me
the king of love is dead
and you knew him but not that well
you were close enough to tell
no one in this city noticed they should've noticed
now he's gone

I'm finding it harder than you
the cracks in my armour are new
it's starting to show through
the signs said it
I'll be glad for what I have

I often bump into my heart and soul
it's mishapen unguided well meaning chaos
leaves me with no answers
just a bunch of excuses and dirty dishes
with no action just reaction
to these melodies and comedies that come
with being me

The basics of being alive can sometimes cause my skin to crawl
and fly off these bones
I can propel them to huge and powerful labours
but how do I decide what that is?
When the battle is with yourself

The well is really that deep
But looking inwards has made me weak
Pour something pure
and I'll cyphon a cure
so we can move on
Let us move on now
For what we have
I'm so glad

Hail to the habit of loving
It can often be found
Bringing me around instead of letting me down
or shutting me in
For what I have
I'm so glad
Track Name: Painless Part
Sweet heart
the sweetest part of this waking dream
Words that don't sleep
comfort me
The stars touch the ground
A thousand feet crush them in

Sweet heart
the sweetest vows from your sleepy lips
Colour my memory pale
Softly take my hand
This autumn leave palm you said you loved
you love

These lines that I drew in the sand
You blew them away with a wispher

Wait for me
Wrestling this ape heart
and this kid brain

Make room for this
Every thought I re-aimed as a kiss
Help me get back to your arms
Track Name: Poor son
Poor son
His heart was broken
He fell down from his tower
to the lions at his gate
Turn your head away from the scene it will show you nothing

No battles won
With his eyes wide open
Poor son
Drowned in sheets and smoke
Down those lonely streets
Not broke but broken
Empty bottles have spoken

Poor son
poor son
His heart was open
like a fire
it goes